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Supporting investors and start-ups across the globe!

PBL advises multicultural clients active on the European market.

We support investors and start-ups set up within the EU as well as incoming to Europe from various parts of the world's economy.

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Welcome to Our Company!

Our attorneys provide fast as well as comprehensive advise, but also prepare legal opinions on various aspects on European/national business law and conflict of laws.

Based on our cosmopolitan professional background, we are also active in the European Courts as well as offer assistance in different methods of alternative disputes resolution, such as for example mediation or negotiations.

About Us

icon_oneConflict of Laws

We assist our clients with respect to the legal conflicts that typically arise upon either: jurisdiction (which court has the authority to resolve the dispute) or conflicts of law   (which country’s law to apply to the dispute or contract) as well as choice of law (how to determine that the particular country's law will indeed apply to the contract).

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Business is about relationships. When those relationships break down, conflict can impact not only the individuals involved but the entire business. We help parties to find mutually beneficial solutions to a wide variety of business-related conflicts. We offer an assistance in mediation process both as a mediator and as a mediation lawyer.

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icon_threeEuropean Courts

Based on our professional as well as academic international experience, we offer legal assistance, representation as well as up-to-date commentaries on the current case - law of of the European Courts: the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

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icon_fourEuropean Business Law

Focus on your business - let us relieve you of the time consuming law matters!

Within the main field of our specialization we may assist you with various aspects of setting up a company/partnership on the European market as well as provide advice concerning detailed corporate and civil law issues.

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Our Team

Our Services

Conflict of Laws (Private International Law)

During the time of increasing mobility of business and people, we find answers to your questions as to the court of which Country has the authority to resolve the dispute or  which country’s law should apply to the dispute or contract) as well as how to determine that the desired applicable law.


Business is about relationships. Whether it’s a small business or a corporate merger, mediation can help untangle disputes and clarify issues.  With the flexibility of mediation, parties are often able to find solutions that involve more than just money - mediation creates an environment that will foster ideas and workable solutions—a template for teamwork that will strengthen ranks.

Legal representation/assistance and opinions on case -law of the European Courts

The application with the Court may be lodged if a person  has directly been the victim of a violation of the rights and guarantees set out in the European Convention or its Protocols. The alleged violation must have been committed by one of the States bound by the Convention.

European Business Law

When investing or setting up a business, you should focus on the vision and strategy. We are fully aware that company law details should support your policy and not distract your attention on minor issues. We accompany the business formation, prepare due diligence if necessary and advise on any other essential business law issue.

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  • Striving in excellence in everything we do for your success

    Regardless of whether you already run a business or just going to start a new one, we will provide a guidance of how to set up a business activity in Europe. The investor will be provided with important arguments indicating that Europe is a great market to develop start-ups and to invest. Do you plan to expand your business into new markets and new customers? Would you like to learn...

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  • Best conflict of law solutions for start-ups and investors

    Conflict of laws (often referred to as "private international law") governs the choice of law to apply when there are conflicts in the domestic law of different countries related to private transactions across borders. We conclude deals with a variety of topics such as contracts, marriage and divorce, jurisdiction, recognition of judgments, child adoption and abduction, and the like. Every legal order in the world has its own rules relating to private...

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Our Portfolio


We draw from the experience and knowledge of the most recognized authorities, however, we are proud to join the international...

Legal opinions and commentaries

Legal opinions and commentaries are to explain or introduce a complex legal issues either in the jurisprudence and doctrine or...

Company formation

The initial stage of setting up a business requires full energy and all of the efforts focused on the strategy...


Legal representation is the most well-known feature of the law firms. Our support for the clients relates not to traditional...

Conflict of laws

Increasing mobility of business and people brings more legal situations that involve conflicts of at least two country's laws. We...


Whether it’s a small business or a corporate merger, mediation can help untangle disputes, clarify issues, allow each party to...

Due Diligence

If your investment is substantial, and you  might want to perform an evaluation of the business and provide report of...

(European) Business Law

(European) Business Law is the fundament on which the newly established start-ups grow and foreign investors act. Therefore, we assist...

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From the Blog

Brexit and Arbitration

Since Wednesday it is official: The UK will leave the EU. What this means for judicial cooperation in cross-border matters has been the subject of an intense debate...

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EUPILLAR (European Union Private International Law: Legal Application in Reality) Cross-Border Litigation in Europe: Private International Law Legislative Framework, National Courts and the Court of Justice of the European...

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Jurisdiction and Human Rights in related companies

"On 26 January 2017, Mr Justice Fraser, sitting as a judge in the Technology and Construction Court, ruled that a claim against Royal Dutch Shell plc, an English-domiciled...

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Court of Justice of the EU

In the past three decades, the European Court of Justice has issued a series of judgments in which it has interpreted the free movement of companies within the...

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Insolvency forum shopping – what could be learned from the ECJ case law on international company law and the US Supreme Court?

  The European Commission has identified insolvency and restructuring proceedings as an important factor and one of its top priorities for creating a strong capital market. As the Brussels...

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Autonomy in conflict of laws

Three decades of ECJ case law, from ‘Avoir fiscal’ to VALE, have eventually led to a quite consistent view on international company law within the internal market. Still,...

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