Portfolio 4

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    How can the law help us in our thinking about AI? How to make AI take responsibility for the decision…

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  • Publications


    We draw from the experience and knowledge of the most recognized authorities, however, we are proud to join the international…

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  • Legal opinions and commentaries

    Legal opinions and commentaries

    Legal opinions and commentaries are to explain or introduce a complex legal issues either in the jurisprudence and doctrine or…

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  • Company formation

    Company formation

    The initial stage of setting up a business requires full energy and all of the efforts focused on the strategy…

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  • Representation


    Legal representation is the most well-known feature of the law firms. Our support for the clients relates not to traditional…

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  • Conflict of laws

    Conflict of laws

    Increasing mobility of business and people brings more legal situations that involve conflicts of at least two country's laws. We…

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  • Mediation


    Whether it’s a small business or a corporate merger, mediation can help untangle disputes, clarify issues, allow each party to…

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  • Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    If your investment is substantial, and you  might want to perform an evaluation of the business and provide report of…

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  • (European) Business Law

    (European) Business Law

    (European) Business Law is the fundament on which the newly established start-ups grow and foreign investors act. Therefore, we assist…

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