Mirosława Myszke - Nowakowska boasts many years of practical experience as a lawyer specializing in European company law as well as private international law. For a couple of years she worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in the Mergers & Acquisitions Department.  Her expertise covers the whole scope of European company law in the broadest sense, including the European public company, conflict of law in company law, director's liability; advice upon forming a company. In addition, Mirosława drafts shareholders' agreements and provides assistance to clients during the process of mergers and acquisitions.

Miroslawa Myszke-Nowakowska obtained a Ph.D. in Law from the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and graduated from the University of Gdansk (Poland) in European Union Law (M. Sc.), Additionally, she is also a lecturer of  Business Law Private International Law as well as Alternative Methods of Disputes Resolution. Mirosława is a certified Mediator.


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